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Online Safety. 

Online Grooming.

Welcome to Cyber Shield Group! We're a team of passionate and dedicated like-minded highschool students, brought together by a shared mission: combating online grooming and fostering a safer digital space and world in general. Although we are individually spread around the globe, our united goal is to spread awareness about the dangers of online grooming and empower individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones from its devastating impact. With our collective drive and commitment, we're determined to make a positive change and build a stronger, more secure online community. Join us in this important endeavor, as together, we can make a real difference.


Online Grooming Crime Statistics

1 in 5 children

worldwide have been solicited sexually online or experienced some form of online sexual abuse.

12-15 years old

most vulnerable age group for online grooming. 50% of victims fall within this age range.


experienced anxiety or depression as a result of their abuse, and 28% had self-harmed.

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